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renegotiate your lease

It may be time to review your financial relationship with your landlord: to ensure you secure the best terms, research the market and identify the evidence you need to make the best case and, unless you are good at it, appoint a seasoned lease negotiator.

Many managers think that the only bargaining chip they have is rent. Wrong; there are other factors which need to be considered to ensure you don’t end up locked into unfavourable (and expensive) terms, for a number of years.

Common lease negotiating variables include:

  • Negotiate a lower rent
  • Adjust the frequency of rent payment
  • Soften repair obligations
  • Add or remove break clauses
  • Reduce the size of a premises
  • Secure upgraded premises with the same landlord.

NOTE: a landlord may have their own reasons for wanting to change the terms of a lease – for example, they may want to redevelop the property. It is important that you bear this in mind when entering into a renegotiation.

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