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sublet if
your lease allows

If your lease allows it, subletting may be an option you would want to consider; but you will need to secure your landlord’s permission first.

With subletting, there are three key things to bear in mind:

1. How much will you charge for the space? 

Portal trawling could help you decide on an indicative price, but do seek the advice of a property professional, as they will have access to comparable data and good local knowledge of ‘grey space’

2. What are you including in the rental charge?

From access rights and broadband usage, to how the utility bills will be paid; consider whether you will share the cost (how do you define ‘sharing’), or whether it will be included in the rental fee

3. Is your subletting contractual agreement in place?

Before you even think about giving your new tenant a key to the space, ensure you have a subletting contract in place. You should seek the advice of a property professional before entering into any agreement.

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