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workplace consultancy

The pandemic has changed our perceptions of how we work, where we work and the role of the workplace.

So, if you’re thinking about optimising your workspace, perhaps the first question you should ask is not “how much space do I need”, but “does the space reflect our personality, culture, values and brand, and perhaps most importantly, the expectations of our employees”. 

That is our starting point.

Today’s workplace has to meet well-being, as well as productivity goals. It has to create an environment which facilitates hybrid working practices, as well as encourages engagement, collaboration and productivity. It also has to help attract and retain talent.

We know that every organisation has its own unique combination of collaborative spaces, hot desks, quiet rooms and multimedia hubs. At Matthews & Goodman, we have all the expertise you will need throughout the lifecycle of your workplace - from conception to cradle to grave. In real estate terms, from leasehold advice at inception, through to space planning, building consultancy and business rates advice, to providing counsel on dilapidations and of course acquisition of new premises & disposal of unwanted workplaces advice. In short, we can help you re-plan, relocate, or refurbish your workplace.

Our Workplace Consultancy process starts with a simple conversation to understand your organisation, your challenges and your vision. After a thorough analysis of the leaders’ strategic, financial and occupational requirements, we seek out employees’ views and recommendations and translate all this intel into the reality of bricks and mortar.

We provide the leadership team with a detailed and costed report which includes:

  • Conclusions of our audit
  • Recommendations and costed options analysis.

If you’re starting to review your workplace strategy, or you are already at the point of considering the acquisition or disposal of your workplace, then talk to us. 

A short conversation could save you a lot of time and money.

If you’d like to contact us about your options,
then fill out the form below or:

Call Ed Moore

07957 121 681

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