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lease restructure

building the perfect solution

Any change in circumstances (such as the recent pandemic) is a catalyst for landlords or tenants to seek a change in the terms of a lease.

The ‘restructure’ could apply to rent, varying the demise, removing break option clauses, capping/controlling service charges, etc.

Therefore if you’re considering a lease restructure, be clear what you want to achieve before you commence negotiating. When an agreement has been reached and the Heads of Terms signed, a Deed of Variation to the original lease will have to be drawn up.

In an uncertain market, restructuring a lease allows tenants to:

  • Recalibrate their property strategy for the medium/long term
  • Enhance their bargaining position as landlords are reluctant to incur the expense and time to find a new tenant – they would rather negotiate changes to retain an existing one.

A successful lease restructure requires good (market) comparable intel, proven (property) negotiating skills and a deep understanding of the process. It’s best left to professionals whose day job it is.

when speed, knowledge and expertise are critical

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