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rent reviews

let us negotiate for you

Rent Reviews are an intrinsic part of renting a workplace – whether you’re a landlord or a tenant.

Occurring every three or five years, if conducted professionally, it can be an equitable and beneficial exercise for both parties as the focus is on agreeing a rate which is a fair reflection of current market rates.

The process is defined in the contract and is usually based on either:

  • Retail Price Index (RPI): the rate is adjusted to reflect current inflation rates
  • Rental Market: indexed against similar local properties.

Every Review is usually triggered by a written notification from the landlord – then the negotiations begin and continue until agreement is reached.

If agreement cannot be reached, then the Dispute Resolution clauses in the contract are evoked –usually referred to a third party or, on very rare occasions, the matter is settled in court.

Successfully negotiating Reviews is what we do.

we can be your smart iron fist, in a velvet glove

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