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business rates

Never assume that the Valuation Office Agency's (VOA) assessment of your premises is correct.

The calculation of this 'property tax' can be challenged and our Business Rates Advisory team has saved clients thousands of pounds by undertaking a thorough process relevant to properties in England of: 

  • Check - we review the factual information held by the VOA on the property, notifying of errors
  • Challenge - on behalf of our clients, we formally challenge the VOA's valuation, submitting a full case including relevant evidence to underpin our 'Challenge'
  • Appeal - where recommended and with our clients' approval, we mount an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal for England if we cannot reach an agreement with the VOA. (NOTE: the process differs in Scotland and Wales)

If you have a property or acquired a new asset and you would like someone to review the asset, then talk to us. 

is your Business Rates assessment equitable and fair

we can handle your project from start to finish

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