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occupational costs

Cost management is the midwife of success.

Some costs can be transparent – such as rent, service charge and business rates – whilst other can be more difficult to calculate and/or budget for. These include depreciation., amortised costs and even utilities and other variable costs.

Irrespective of how you define (workplace related) costs, every management team needs to know three things:

  • What are they
  • How best to manage them
  • Are they aligned with the business plan

Our team of experienced and qualified surveyors know how to anticipate and accurately calculate:

  • Acquisition costs
  • Design & build costs
  • Operational costs
  • Disposal costs – including dilapidation liabilities.

We have the experience and expertise to help you review them (accurately) and ensure that they are equitable and true; challenge them if inflated or we believe they are inaccurate and manage the entire negotiation process – which allows you to focus on your day job.

informed cost control, underpins bottom line management

we can handle your project from start to finish

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