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pre-acquisition surveys

Whether you are acquiring a freehold or leasehold interest, you should undertake a technical due diligence of the premises as it will provide verification of the condition of the property, potential liabilities and risks, check compliance with statutory obligations, and provide evidence to support your negotiations on the purchase or lease price. 

Pre-acquisition surveys are tailored to client's specific requirements. They help identify potential issues arising under any lease covenants and service charge liabilities. This will protect your financial and occupational interests.

Potential dilapidations liabilities for leasehold acquisitions can also be assessed at an early stage - this identifies and prepares the occupier for unforeseen costs which may arise at lease end. 

The pre-acquisition survey also helps determine how a property can be adapted or redeveloped. If required, it could also include a feasibility study to ascertain whether the building meets the client's aspirations or development objectives.

Other benefits or Pre-Acquisition services include:

  • Defect pathology, for an accurate diagnosis and analysis of the property's defects and associated risk appraisal
  • Matters pertaining to previous land use and potential contamination or presence of deleterious materials
  • Specialist surveys for services installations
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Development feasibility - in conjunction with valuation and planning teams
  • Neighbourly advice
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments for insurance purposes

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