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Dilapidations, often an overlooked aspect of the workplace planning process, can have a serious impact on your business. In terms of:

  • Financial considerations: the cost of repairing and/or yielding up the premises to its lease commencement condition can prove expensive – especially if the remedial work was not anticipated and no financial provision was made for it
  • Executives’ time: managing a claim can prove time consuming – and a distraction from your day job … especially if it‘s an issue you have to address in the middle of an office move
  • Brand: if a claim ends up in court, there could be ramifications for your company’s reputation, as well as the credit profile of the company and its Directors

However, Dilapidations undertaken during a lease – consider lease breaks and lease end clauses – can limit these and other liabilities.

If it’s not your day job, then consult a Dilapidations specialist: it will save you time and money.

a hidden cost of moving

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