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Working closely with the principal stakeholders, we start by dissecting the brief to understand the ambitions for the workplace and the organisation’s requirements.

If the senior team agrees, we talk to departmental managers as well as employees to understand the reality of the issues they face and what they would like from their new/remodelled workplace – from health and safety issues, to security, sensitive/confidential environments, IT disruptions, etc.

initial site suitability & assessment

Whether reimaging an existing workplace or creating your ideal ‘space’ in a new location, there is a raft of critical housekeeping data which has to be determined at the outset. Such as:

  • Whether the refurbished or proposed new workspace is of the right size
  • Has the correct services to accommodate the new plans
  • Has enough natural light
  • Features a HVAC infrastructure which is fit for purpose
  • Will the electrical capacity meet the needs of the futureproofed new workplace.

But above all, we will model the adaptations to the space to ensure the build costs for the fitout meet your objectives..

Timing is also key: how long will it take to fit out the space, given the conclusions of the assessment audit.

These are the frequently asked questions and the issues we will advise on and help you address.

space planning

Whether planning the layout of a new workplace, or reworking an existing space, we consider every aspect of how the space will be deployed.

Our initial space audit shapes the recommendations we make – from future proofing the space and ensuring it reflects current and potential work practices, to the utilisation of the layout, rethinking and maximising storage choices and design choices (including biophilic recommendations, finishes and coverings) to ensure your brand and philosophy ambitions are met.

Recommendations are carefully developed to ensure they reflect clients’ occupational requirements, colour palates, values and ambitions.

turning the brief into reality

Once we have drilled deep into the brief and understood the complex interactions of people, activity, corporate ambitions and how the workplace will be used, we start thinking about and developing detailed ideas which act as a bridge between the brief/vision and the physical constraints of the reality.

When the strategy and plans have been ratified, we create high quality CAD/CAM files to enable informed decision making, as well as eliminate any ambiguity during the tendering stage - this ensures complete understanding of the task from a contractor’s perspective, to enable the accurate pricing of every aspect of the initiative.

The plans we submit include precise details such as:

  • Meeting rooms, collaboration centres, quiet zones, desk area design options
  • Social areas, kitchen and washroom facilities’ designs
  • Partitioning layouts – where they will be and what (materials) they will comprise
  • Fire safety and exit points
  • Roof and plant equipment plans
  • Floorcovering option
  • Wellbeing factors including air conditioning, air extraction systems, lighting design plans
  • Infrastructure elements such as power arrangements, data infrastructure, audio visual recommendations, emergency lighting
  • Safety features such emergency (escape) signage and exit routes which meet Building Control measures.

project management

Once the plan is agreed and validated costs signed off, work begins in earnest – whether we’re re-shaping an existing premises or creating a new workplace which meets your financial, occupational and brand requirements.


  • Select the contractors with a proven and relevant track record to bid for the refurbishment/fitout work
  • Brief them thoroughly, to ensure the submissions from the invited bidders are detailed enough for us to make an informed decision as to who we would recommend our clients appoint.
  • Part of our due diligence comprises:
    • Reviewing contractors’ credentials and qualifications
    • Check case studies
    • Seek customer testimonials and/or site visits
    • Showroom visits
    • Pricing negotiations
  • We manage the whole process from contractor identification and selection, to Project Management to ensure the job is completed on time and on budget.

Our job is to worry about and resolve all the ‘little’ things, so you can focus on the big thing – doing your day job.

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